The Consul

Seattle Times, Melinda Bargreen
"...Alex Mansoori, whose brilliant shenanigans as the magician Nika Magadoff provide a welcome counterpoint to the death and sorrow that pervades “The Consul."

Opera News, Mark Mandel
"Tenor Alex Mansoori was deft and fluid as magician Nika Magadoff."

Seattle Weekly, Rebecca Brown
"...the particularly bright and physically agile Mansoori...

The Huffington Post, Ivan Katz
"Alex Mansoori impressed as the sleight-of-hand artist (and fellow visa seeker) Nika Magadoff."

Die Zauberflöte

The Chicago Tribune, John von Rhein
"Alex Mansoori was a hoot as the comic villain Monostatos."

The Chicago Sun-Times, Wynne Delacoma
"Tenor Alex Mansoori used his rubbery face and long legs to fine comic effect as the lecherous Monostatos."

Opera Magazine (UK)
"Other outstanding performances came from...Alex Mansoori's rubber-faced, uncliched Monostatos"

Chicago Classical Review, Lawrence A. Johnson
"Alex Mansoori was an inspired Monostatos"

Le Nozze di Figaro

Opera News, Joanne Lessner
"Alex Mansoori a suave, stylish Basilio...", David Abrams
"In a similar vein, Alex Mansoori as the music teacher who, like the Count, has an eye for Susanna, forged an engaging and suitably comical Don Basilio and sang with an agreeable tenor that suited his character."

NYFOS: A Bernstein/Bolcom Celebration

The New York Times, Allan Kozan
“Alex Mansoori, the tenor, gave a lively, smartly characterized performance of ‘100 Easy Ways to Lose a Man".

A Midsummer Night's Dream, Lorin Wilkerson
"Also worth noting is tenor Alex Mansoori, whose role as Flute (and in drag as Thisby) was warm and charming."
"When he and the mop clad Alex Mansoori as the buxom Thisbee are both found on the stage at the same time, the stage sparkles and the audiences roar."

Our Town, John Yohalem
“Alex Mansoori’s regal calm as the almighty Stage Manager", Joel Benjamin
“The cast of Juilliard Opera Center students gave moving performances, particularly Alex Mansoori, the Stage Manager"

The New York Times, Bernard Holland
“Alex Mansoori (the Stage Manager) and Alek Shrader (George) are solid and convincing.", Leonard Jacobs
“…the omnipotent, saturine Stage Manager (grim-faced, fine-voiced Alex Mansoori)...", Bruce-Michael Gelbert
“Tenor Alex Mansoori, who sets the homey, folksy tone for the evening with his introductory monologue, does yeoman duty in his assignment as the Stage Manager, omniscient narrator of “Our Town," who also takes part in the action as the druggist, Mr. Morgan, who serves George and Emily ice cream sodas on their first date, and as the minister, who presides over the wedding and funeral. Mansoori and McFerrin both end solos with impressive quiet high notes.", Harry Rolnick
“Alex Mansoori was the omnipresent Stage Manger with a folksy baritone (and a lovely caricature of the Druggist).


The Financial Times (London), George Loomis
“…and a couple of the comic characters excelled: the tenor Alex Mansoori, as the ageing female servant Lenia, looking hilarious with fake boobs and an outlandish wig…"

The Aspen Times, Harvey Steiman
“However, tenor Alex Mansoori portrays Lenia, done up like Edna Turnblad in ‘Hairspray,’ wearing high heels, matronly dresses and lavender hair. He is hilarious, but his portrayal also carries the dramatic story forward. He also sings the music with great presence and clarity. He steals every scene he is in.", Wes Blomster
“The lower register was thus left entirely to tenor Alex Mansoori, who stole whatever show there is to steal as Dame Edna look-alike Lenia…"

Opera News, Kyle MacMillan
“…he cast tenor Alex Mansoori as Eliogabalo’s female servant, Lenia, giving him a purple wig and giant breasts a la John Waters actor Divine. Mansoori played the part to the hilt, turning flirtations with Nerbulone into an outrageously funny scene."

Le Nozze di Figaro

Opera News, Simon Williamson
“Alex Mansoori offered a menacing and non-stuttering Don Curzio.", Maria Nockin
“The most interesting apprentice, however, was tenor Alex Mansoori whose acting and singing were both outstanding."